Indie Gaming Press and You: A Primer

game dev, games writing

You can view the presentation slides here – included are tips on how to get press contacts, how to write a good press release, recommendations for press kits and some silly activity we had fun with. You can ignore that. 

Recently, I had the honour of being invited to Cologne to give a lecture to the Masters of Game Development students at the Cologne Games Lab about indie gaming press. I mulled over what would be good information to tell them that could be an actual takeaway from the class, rather than a long-winded rant and ramble with no real substance – something I often dreaded about lectures back in my university days – and after a day or two of putting together aptly informative (and hopefully cute) slides, I’d finished. I took a late Deutsche Bahn train from Duesseldorf to Cologne with a good friend of mine, managed to make it to the Lab with minutes to spare and gave my lecture.

The students and professor gave me really nice feedback, which made me want to share my presentation here today, in case there’s some use to anyone else. Having written for Indie Statik for a while, there is a wee bit about the website and what I do in there as it was a preface for the lecture – but hopefully, if you’re thinking about promoting your game and interacting with indie games press, this may help you out a little.

This is by no means an exhaustive lesson and is told from my perspective as an indie games writer myself, so please don’t take it as gospel! I don’t consider myself an oracle on the subject, just someone who wants to help shed some light on the process.  However, there’s some good etiquette in there and may be a good starting point for you.

Pixel controller images used in the presentation are by kevinvanderven.

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